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Unity’s 3D audio system is powerful, but on Android that power sometimes comes at a cost: latency! If you’re finding a delay between when you expect a sound and when you hear it, Android Native Audio (ANA) may be able to help.

ANA provides easy access to the native Android audio system for low-latency audio playback. You can play native audio with as few as three lines of code! ANA also features the complete range of audio controls offered by Android and detailed debug logging.

Works perfectly, and it’s exactly what I needed – thanks Christopher! My whole game now works almost as fluent as on the iPhone

Test the difference on your device right now!
Download the test APK.

Includes split application binary support. ANA will automatically find and load your sound files from either the APK or an OBB.

New in 1.2
Now includes an option to load files from Application.persistentDataPath!

Includes a demo scene and full documentation.
Download the documentation here.

ANA also includes a complete set of PlayMaker actions and a demo scene. Adding low-latency audio to your PM project is a snap!

ANA is written in 100% Unity C#. There is no plugin, so it’s easy to modify.

Note that audio latency can have many contributing factors, including hardware and Android itself. ANA only removes (most of) the latency generated by Unity. This will be different on every device. On some devices the reduction in latency will be large, on others it will be small. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.


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