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EasyNet is a simple network asset that allows you to send and receive messages. It makes networking ridiculously easy!

EasyNet takes the power and reliability of the built-in UNET engine and distills it down to a very easy interface. You can send a message with a single line of code, and receive it with just two lines. You don’t have to worry about connections, custom classes, event handlers, or other complications. It just works.

But if you want a bit more flexibility, EasyNet can give you that, too. It provides easy access to basic network information and management.

You can send messages of any basic C# type, most basic Unity types, arrays, and BinaryFormatter types. Each message can also include an ID to give it additional meaning.

EasyNet features full inline descriptions in MonoDevelop or Visual Studio, a set of useful examples, and complete documentation.
Download the EasyNet Manual

Also included are a full set of PlayMaker actions and examples, including support for the new Array variable.
Download the EasyNet PlayMaker Manual

If you have any questions, just let me know!


Unity Asset Store: EasyNet