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Serial Filler is a simple but handy tool for serializing sequences of data. If you have a bunch of data that you need to write to file or send over a network, Serial Filler can help!

It uses a rich serialization method that stores information about the data inside the stream, so you don’t need to know exactly what it is to get it back. Each chunk of data contains both the data type and an optional string ID that you can use however you like.

It can serialize and deserialize individual objects or it can record a “data fill” of everything is has serialized. This fill can then be used as a whole, or even searched by type or ID to produce custom sub-fills.

Serial Filler can serialize many types of data. It supports all basic C# types (bool, string, etc) and most basic Unity types (Color, Vector3, etc). It can also use MessageBase subclasses, objects formatted for BinaryFormatter, and arrays of any of those types. See the manual for details.

It features full inline descriptions in MonoDevelop or Visual Studio, a robust set of examples, and complete documentation.
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If you have any questions, just let me know!

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