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Smooth Save for PlayMaker

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Smooth Save is an easy and flexible save game solution for PlayMaker.

For simple games, you can save or load your whole game with a single action. It just works. It’s that easy!

But if you need more power, Smooth Save is ready for that, too. You can reference any variable by a unique key and you can save as many data pools as you need. You can save exactly what you want, exactly the way you want it.

Smooth Save data is also cheat resistant. Instead of easily modified text files (XML, JSON, etc), it uses binary serialization. This prevents casual cheating by general users.

Provided are 37 PlayMaker actions that go far beyond PlayerPrefs. There are actions for saving variables in bulk, individual actions for each type, data pool management, memory debugging, result events, and more.

New in 1.2
Now featuring support for the new Array and Enum variables in PlayMaker 1.8!
You must use the “PlayMaker/Smooth Save/Configure…” menu to enable 1.8 support!

Smooth Save directly supports PlayMaker variables of type Bool, Color, Enum, Float, Int, Quaternion, Rect, String, Vector2, and Vector3. It also supports core GameObject properties, and Array variables of the types above. And it can save most any other value in the game indirectly with the Get Property and Set Property actions.

Smooth Save is the only save game asset built from the ground up specifically for PlayMaker. Don’t pay more for functionality you won’t or can’t use!

Includes a demo scene and complete documentation. Download the documentation here.


Smooth Save requires the PlayMaker asset, which is sold separately by Hutong Games.

If you have any questions, just drop me a line.

Unity Asset Store: Smooth Save for PlayMaker